WPA2 PEAP Wifi roaming issue

New Contributor

Connecting works fine and roaming to other accesspoints works great however when a client loses a connection due to no coverage and reaches a new AP a new connection is never established.

A wireshark log and logging on the wirelesss controller show the step of the 4 way handshake being transmitted every few seconds to the Mac but nothing seems to happen on the Mac side.

The logfiles and the EAPOL debug log don't contain any useful information.

We are using WPA2 PEAP with directory authentication (machine authentication) pushed through a config profile for our managed machines and regular PEAP authentication with user directory credentials for unmanaged clients.

Both methods of authentication are displaying the same issues. When using non encrypted authentication method the clients roam correctly in every instance.

What I have tried:

Some research on google showed that this issue seemed to be caused by certificate chains that were too long or using 2048 encryption. Testing with a selfsigned 1024 encrypted cert embedded in the config profile did not resolve the issues.

The following Apple KB (https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT203841) indicated that the certificates chain should be installed and trusted. This did not seem to make any difference.

Disabling and enabling the airport works in every instance as is closing and opening the lid of a macbook.

Client OS = OSX 10.9.5 and 10.8.5

JAMF version = 9.7

Windows and android clients don't seem to display any of these issues.

Our network engineers are looking into it but I was wondering if anyone has seen any of the same issues.