wrapping an application in apple script, then massdeploying it

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Here is basically what I want to accomplish and I am pretty sure it is possible, I will just list them in order of how the end user would execute the app in question.

1) End user opens up application from apps folder 2) Instead of it opening the app first, it launches an apple script 3) AppleScript maps a network drive and waits for authenticaiton 4) Once authenticated and mapped, runs do shell script command and chflags to hide the network volume from the finder 5) launches application which needs to connect to the mapped drive (database) 6) when app exits, applescript unmounts network share

is this possible? I think it most likely is


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I would be easier to do this entirely from the shell with applescript
wrapper to pass the user input variables eg username and password. You
would have to write a daemon to watch the named process for the application
and then unmount the volume after.

Just a thought....