Writing a simple Automator script to convert .cwk to .docx via Libre Office

New Contributor

Can anyone help me out?

It’s a simple job, but I’m struggling. I want to use Automator to batch convert quite a few Appleworks files (most Appleworks 6) into .docx using Libre Office. I can do it, but I want to to the lot fast, hence Automator.

I took a look and tried to create an Action, but it didn’t work. What should I be doing?

I still have Appleworks 6 on an external hard drive (running Snow Leopard) which I can USB to an old Macbook and boot up from it. Did Snow Leopard have Automator? If so I could do it in that hard drive.

But my main query is how to write the Action to make Libre Office open the .cwk files, then save them as .docx.

Any advice?