Xerox Printer driver install tutorial

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Hey so just wondering if anyone has a tutorial on how to install printer drivers with jamf.

I inherited a jamf environment with no documentation. The existing printer drivers are of a type "pkg" but the ones i download from xerox are "dmg" or "man" files. I have tried adding these as a package to my printer install, but i dont think jamf actually does anything as it does download and "install" the dmg file but it happens in less than 1 second which i think is not likely working. I also cannot see any xerox drivers in the list. And then then printer says it has no drivers when i go to try and print.

I have looked into making a PKG out of a dmg, but it seems really complicated and geared more towards applications. These are drivers.

Does a guide exist for how to make the PKG into a DMG i can use? Lots of forums posts mentioning casper and composer to somehow make this file. I dont really know what those are, but seem like a paid product (casper) and a PHP package distribution framework (composer). Both of which seem complicated for such a simple task. The jamf printer installer manual is much too vague to be of use to me.

I also dont get how PPD files are involved but i see some on the server for older printer installs. I guess PPD is some kind of configuration file? I dont care about configuration, i just want to install some direct print printers. Someone must have made a blog post covering this you would think??
Ill keep looking and post back if i find a good guide.


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1.) go to the following website and find the jamfPRO tools and download it.

do this on a mac. As the PC version doesnt run on windows 10 (sigh).

2.) install java 11 before installing the jamf pro system. I got it from techspot download link so you dont have to sign up with oracle.

3.) install jamf pro. go to applications -> utilities and find composer. Run it.

4.) Install a signing certificate for the package as per this document:


Use the mac to generate a certificate signing request. Copy that CSR into jamf and generate a web server certificate.

copy that file back to your composer machine

install the certificate by clicking on it. And it should now be in the dropdown under Composer -> Preferences. Click to sign all packages with it and hit save.

5.) So composer it appears records the filesystem changes between when you create a snapshot and then when you hit the "create package source" button.

6.) Click "new" in composer. Select normal snapshot and then next. Enter a name for the package (EG xerox drivers 2021 may)

7.) Once the snapshot is created, install the xerox drivers as per normal. Composer will record the status of the machine before and after and then we package that up.

8.) Next, i removed the user directory from the composer image. Didnt seem to have anything in it and i didnt want my build username being pushed to new machines.

9.) click "build as package". Then upload that file to jamf and push it out.

If you get "package could not be verified" Change jamf security to never. JSS>>Settings>>Computer Management>>Security, set package validation to "Never". As per this post here:

10.) Watch the package install correctly. Do a test print. You are done!