zero touch enrollment w/out DEP???

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We are finally moving away from imaging,

In the US and UK, we are leveraging the startosinstall --eraseinstall --> DEP method for repurposing older laptops, we but still have Mac users in Singapore and China...two regions where DEP is not available.

We'd like to forgo having the users in Asia do a manual JSS enrollment after they run the Setup Assistant and login to their Macs, so am curious if anyone has any ideas as to how to get the macs to enroll automatically?

I thought about using Rich's article below and including a QuickAdd package, but don't know if it would work if we have the installer erase the drive.

Any ideas?


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It would work. I do something similar. You may run into a problem since UAMDM, you have to click "Accept" or whatever on the profiles to install them and get it to really enroll.

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I keep getting the following error when I try to install quickadd package with startosinstall "Error: An internal error occurred while starting the installer"

"/Applications/Install macOS High" --eraseinstall --newvolumename "Macintosh HD" --agreetolicense --installpackage "/Users/Shared/QuickAd.pkg"

It'll erase the drive and reinstall the OS just fine if I remove --installpackage "/Users/Shared/QuickAd.pkg"

Any tips or tricks to get this working...?

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Not 100% sure. But it’s possible the pkg isn’t the right type.

In terminal run

productbuild —package targetpkg outputpkg

I may have that command wrong so man it first

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you were so close, an extra dash. I had tried that and still no dice

productbuild --package QuickAdd.pkg ~/Desktop/QuickAdd.pkg

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I'm also puzzled by this. I had to convert our quickadd.pkg as mentioned about to flat file as it through an error at first. Then it didn't throw error but it reloaded the OS and it wasn't joined to JamF. Hmm.... Anyone solve this.