Zoom Rooms Going Offline

New Contributor

Hey all! This is my first post to the Jamf forums, so I apologize if I am not following the forum etiquette in some way.

At my business we have set up Zoom Rooms with M1 Mac Minis that are scheduled to reboot every Monday at around 3-5am. Once they reboot, they auto-open Zoom Rooms and attempt to connect to their designated room. This fails, however, and they are offline until we go and manually re-pair them with the Zoom Rooms servers.

I've been following this guide here: https://www.jamf.com/blog/automatic-configuration-of-zoom-rooms-on-macos-and-ios/

and had one room set to follow this automation flow just as described in the above article. I could even confirm that the activation code is in the configuration profile of the Mac Mini and that the variable names pulled from the URL are accurate (for the $room on the ipads, and the $zactivation variable for the mac mini).

I'm sort of at a loss on how to prevent these machines from going offline every Monday. We have 14 Zoom Rooms in one of our offices, and are planning to add an additional 6-7 over the next year to that office and probably even more at our other office across the country. Anyone have any advice or a more reliable method of setting up these Zoom Rooms? 


The M1s are all on the latest Zoom Rooms applications and currently have Big Sur. The iPads don't disconnect at all unless the Mac's disconnect. We have some rooms that have Intel mac minis and they have never disconnected, but they also are not on Jamf (yet). We don't want to move them until we get this resolved.