zscaler app with options.

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Hi Everyone - just looking for some advice on getting zscaler to install with some command line options as illustrated here:

Basically, i can get this work just fine on a machine manually by running this script, and placing the .app installer on the desktop and running the following command, it works fine:

sudo sh /Users/testuser/Desktop/zscaler/Zscaler-osx- --mode unattended --unattendedmodeui none --strictEnforcement 1 --cloudName zscalerthree --policyToken 12345678

However, how is this performed in jamf? so that i can roll it out to 25 machines. In jamf, i would normally convert .app files into .pkg, is this still necessary? also, how would i apply the install options?

on a separate note:
i installed the application using the above script, then i went into composer and dragged the entire folder including a config.ini file that was generated, i thought that maybe I could package this entire folder but the config.ini file contains a script that uses my specific named user directory, which will probably fail since this path will not be valid for other users. This probably wouldnt work anyway.


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Hi @jorge.blandon

I used Composer to package and install the Zscaler app in my environment.

I placed the Zscaler app in /private/var/tmp/

I then created a postinstall script:

You can place your command inside of the postinstall script:

## postinstall


sudo sh /private/var/tmp/Zscaler-osx- --mode unattended --strictEnforcement 1 --policyToken 1234567

exit 0      ## Success
exit 1      ## Failure

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Now how do we get the cert into the keychain? PolicyToken? Is this the policy ID?

Did you ever find out how to get the certificate added as a Trusted cert? We seem to be having issues with people reporting that. they can not get to anything on the Internet, until we tell Keychain Access to trust this zScaler Root CA cert.

Did you ever find an answer here?

No, we did not.

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would this link be your solution?


configuration profile to add cert?