Adding Google Chrome to IOS - Jamf School

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We use to have Google Chrome installed on all our Ipads.

But all of sudden Google Chrome is gone.

And now I can't add it again. I have tried deleting one of the iPads and creating a new profile etc. and only added Google chrome.But it still does not work.

Is Jamf school not compatible with Google Chrome?

Or is there a nother way to add Google Chrome?

Regards Jerry


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Jamf School is very good at managing any software app for iPadOS (including Chrome). You are probably just missing one step in the process. I won't go into detail about how to push apps to iPads, that could get to be a lengthy post.

There are two ways to push apps to iPads with Jamf School. 

1) Apps>Inventory>add app to list (purchased from Apple School Manager) then sync Jamf School to ASM
     Create a device group>add devices to the group>add apps to the device group
     go back to Apps>inventory>select the app and open it> choose a Scope (device group) to push the app to.
       (I typed that quickly from memory, don't use it as an exact way to push apps, I could have missed a step)

2) Apps Installer
     Organization>Settings> App Installer > Approve and install App Installers
     Apps>App Installers>Add Apps to your Inventory> Open that App> Add Device Groups to distribute the App to

That's all sort of vague, you might just call Jamf and have them help you through the process, they are really good at helping.

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I've done it before. I have approx. 30 Apps on my Ipads.
Google chrome has worked on Ipads, but I think after the IOS update, something must be blocking google chrome.
I just added 2 other new Apps which came on right away.

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The only other thing I can think of is license count. Apps>Inventory and check licenses remaining.

I have plenty of licens.

I have added some several times, cause each time I have tried some new solution.

If i go to the the IPads settings, i can see under APPs that Google Chrome is on the IPad.

But it's not. I even treid to remove Chrome and Added again and Deleted the IPad, same result.😣

I've attached som screenshots.


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When you swipe left and arrive at that screen with the 8 small windows, have you swiped down to show the complete list of Apps? That screen in your screenshot just shows the most used apps.


I made new profiles and groups and now all my APPs are there.
But now I just can't get my APPs automatically into the folder and my web clips doesn't appear.. Im getting a little tired 😁