Filter Users by Source - Manual vs ASM

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I'm using ASM as the user truth.

Interestingly, as we switch to the new year I see a range of student user records that flip to manual. (It's most likely because those who leave the school are still assigned a device at this point, so if they disappear from ASM they can't yet be removed from Jamf School).

However, there isn't a Filter option to be able to see just those records that are manual (or ASM).

Sure, I can sort the list by Source but it would be more efficient to have a filter. 

It is currently cumbersome to clean up student records in the following year. I've run into the issue where I do have two user records for the same person - one from ASM and one manually.



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As far as the JAMF side of things. Ya, user management sucks, bad. Having to go back and manually clean up records for former associates and so on is very annoying. 


Maybe time to submit a JAMF feature request.