How to Upgrade macOS with minimal user interaction (if any)

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I am fairly new to Jamf, so this may be beginner level 😄

What is the best way to upgrade (Big Sur to Monterey) macOS? I understand that we need to push that "Install Monterey macOS" app to the devices, but then how can I forge that app to run? I have seen some stuff about scripting, but the stuff for Jamf School does not seem to actually work. What is the best solution you have come up with? It would be great to have the OS install at any time, and then only install outside a certain set of hours (after 5pm, before 8pm)



I have found that the script from Graham Pugh works well.

Thatnks @awoodbury . I tried that script but keep getting the error below. It works great if I run it directly from the devices terminal, but not when running through Jamf School. Did you run into this?

[erase-install] attempting to terminate the 'caffeinate' process - Termination message indicates success
   [erase-install] ERROR: 'caffeinate' could not be killed


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I create 2 policies one to cache the installer (DMG made in Composer) and another to do the install via Self Service for the user to kick off. I use this in files and processes under execute

command sudo /Applications/Install\ macOS\ --agreetolicense --nointeraction && killall Self\ Service

It is purely an upgrade since we do not and cannot use the erase install option.