Jamf School issues

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I am encountering some issues with Jamf School and our iPads. I needed to erase and reset a device yesterday and the apps would not load. After erasing and resetting numerous times, I noticed that the profile was pulling in on our guest network. This profile shouldn't pull through until I put the device on the dedicated network.  I also am having an issue with the weblinks  on the devices not opening. It shows a black screen then changes to a white screen, but the weblink never loads. 


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Does the apps load if you edit the assigned app list? We have the same problem that apps won't load but also the profiles won't load. Automated Device Enrollment Profiles will work but eg. the WiFi profile is not loaded.


Hi, one of the items is the pulling of profiles through the guest network. Profiles will immediately start to install as soon as the device is connected to a wi-fi source and connected to Jamf during the setup process. 

For the profiles and apps not installing, have they been assigned to a device group? And has the device been assigned to those groups as well? Device Groups are how you tell the device what profiles and apps you want it to have installed. This, of course, also has to rely on your wi-fi connection being active and not blocking anything from Jamf.

As to the webclips, have you tested the links in safari to make sure they work? I try to use the most basic website link that I can to get to the site my teachers need. 
Is the weblink using the correct program to open it? Sometimes the 'internal' browser and not Safari (or Chrome, etc) are used by default. You should specify in the webclip setting to use Safari/Chrome/etc. 
Also, are you setting it to open as a full screen application? Or without displaying the Safair UI? 

I hope some of this helps. Or if you have more specific info that could help us figure out what's happening.

Good luck

Greg Bobbett