BCG Mac Platform Engineer - AWS, Elastic & JAMF (Atlanta or Boston) 15257BR

New Contributor III

BCG Mac Platform Engineer - AWS, Elastic & JAMF (Atlanta or Boston) 15257BR
Atlanta or Boston

Effective November 1, 2021, all new US hires must be fully vaccinated* or subject to a religious or medical exemption.


The Personal Productivity Mac Engineering squad is responsible for the deployment and management of Mac computers for BCGers around the world. We are committed to offering our employees exceptional experiences and are intensely focused on providing world-class engineering and automation.

In this role, you'll act as a Lead Platform Engineer responsible for mission-critical infrastructure in support of the Firm’s Mac platform. You’ll be focused on Mac automation, security, performance, stability, and availability. You will have experience as a Systems Administrator that graduated to DevOps/Automation. You’ll have coding skills to automate tasks and build tools to help with our service operations. In your day to day you will configure, tune, and troubleshoot multi-tiered systems to achieve security, performance, stability, availability, and automation wherever possible.


Participate in developing programmatic integrations of JAMFPro with other systems through RESTful APIs.


Manages server-side security of AWS infrastructure. Strategic activities include designing new cloud-native solutions with your team members using a security-first mindset and championing those solutions through the security review process. Operational activities include remediating identified vulnerabilities; patching Linux, Java, Tomcat and Tomcat webapps; and managing AWS VPCs, NACLs, Security Groups, WAF, ACM, HSM, IAM and KMS.

Performance, Stability & Availability

Manages performance and stability of macOS endpoints. Strategic activities include design and implementation of Elasticsearch + Kibana for Mac performance and stability analytics. Operational activities include root cause analysis of reported performance and stability issues and partnering with application owners to drive resolution.

Manages availability of AWS infrastructure. Strategic activities include both horizontal scaling of existing applications across availability zones to meet the engineering team's high availability (HA) needs as well as the Business Continuity Planning (BCP) Team's goals for disaster recovery (DR).


All members of the Mac Engineering team have a shared common set of core competencies which includes macOS device management, JAMFPro, shell scripting, and application packaging and distribution. In addition to having these pre-requisite competencies, the successful candidate will have additional strengths along the automation, security, performance, stability and availability dimensions:

To effectively contribute along the automation dimension, the candidate has experience with Python and RESTful APIs. An ideal candidate additionally has Swift and AppKit experience and an exceptional candidate additionally has SwiftUI experience.

To effectively contribute along the security dimension, the candidate has strong knowledge of LaunchD internals; kernel and system extensions; and the macOS network stack. An ideal candidate additionally has previous experience managing AWS infrastructure and an exceptional candidate additionally has AWS Security Specialty certification.

To effectively contribute along the performance and stability dimension, the candidate has a functional knowledge of interpreting macOS logs, diagnostics and crash reports as well as an understanding of the Unified Logging subsystem. An ideal candidate will have experience with log aggregation and analytics with Splunk, Elastic or comparable and an exceptional candidate has experience developing against the OSLog framework.

To effectively contribute along the availability dimension, the candidate understands resilient systems design which includes high availability, disaster recovery, failover, and fallback testing. Previous experience implementing high availability and disaster recovery patterns in AWS, GCP or Azure and an exceptional candidate has hands-on experience with failover and fallback testing preferred.


All candidates must have:

B.S. CS/MIS or two additional years relevant experience in lieu of degree

JAMF 300 (CCA) or ability to pass certification exam upon hiring

Apple Certified Support Professional (ACSP) or ability to pass certification exam upon hiring

Level C2 English proficiency as demonstrated by IELTS 7+, TOEFL iBT 94+, TOEIC 901+, CAMBRIDGE CPE, or comparable demonstrated proficiency.


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