MDM Engineer - In Raleigh, NC

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Local Healthcare Organization is looking for an MDM Engineer in Raleigh, NC . NOT Remote

Top Skills' Details
1. MDM Experience (Primarily Intune, but need experience with WorkSpaceOne and JAMF)
2. Migrating away from WorkSpaceOne and JAMF, moving almost everything to Intune.
3. Configuring deploying, and redoing profiles of employees.
Secondary Skills - Nice to Haves
  • MDM
  • Desktop
Job Description
Serving the community since 1961, this client is the leading provider of health services in Wake County. With a mission to improve the health and well-being of our community, they are committed to providing outstanding and compassionate care. They have three acute care hospitals and a physical rehabilitation hospital for a total of 970 beds. They also have three healthplexes with stand-alone, 24/7 emergency departments and a variety of outpatient services throughout the region.

The Mobile Device Management Engineer is responsible for providing reliable, effective, and efficient client-side computing environments across all locations. They will join a team of 21 technician and engineers under this manager. They will work side by side with one other MDM Engineer.
Daily Operations include: Implementing, crafting, and cleaning up issues within JAMF, WSO, and Intune. They will be consolidating all their information and migrating into Intune except for roughly 5000 deskside devices which will stay within JAMF. Numerous employees within this company, over the past 7 years, have helped to build out their mobile device environment. They are now consolidating, reconfiguring, and redeploying profiles.

The ideal engineer will have experience will all three platforms, as JAMF, WSO, and Intune are currently in their environment.
WSO is very deep and Intune is an unknown entity to them and the team, needs to focus on that.
Eventual goal: JAMF will do the bedside iPads as EPIC requires it. Need to get rid of WSO.
They are struggling with some telecom issues. They have about 600 devices they are trying to move to Intune. This will save $130k annually for them.
The application is working but the scanner on the application does not work in Intune.
The telecom team is spending $5-7k a month replacing and repairing the Zebra phones. The issue is not Intune, it is the scanner application on the devices is bad. They are ready to move on.
This migration will allow nurses to be more productive and pull information quicker. They will not have to log into Epic, they will be able to scan their ID badge, it will register duo factor authentication, and they can pull up the medical information quicker.
Not open to MobileIron tool, they have moved away from them.
Additional Skills & Qualifications
Ability to work independently and document properly are vital in this role.
Employee Value Proposition (EVP)
Opportunity to become FTE employee with one of the largest employers in Raleigh.
Autonomy in the workplace, ability to make a difference in patient care.
Annual profit sharing of 2-6% annually.
Work Environment
Monday to Friday
Hybrid: Two days onsite, three days remote.
Will work in the hospital, important this person is comfortable with COVID protocol.
Business Drivers/Customer Impact
These MDM Engineers will help save them money by consolidating 3 technologies into 1 (Intune). They will have one clear and concise technology where everything is located.
Why is the position open(provide details)
There is currently 1 MDM Engineer supporting all of them and their mobile environment. with more mobility, These engineers are needed to easy the amount of work for the 1 employee.
External Communities Job Description
Healthcare provider in Raleigh seeking 2 MDM Engineers to help consulate data into one platform (Intune)

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How to apply for this role? Any link?

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Sure thing! Ill have a meeting with the hiring team. In order to apply, You would have to talk to me and share your updated resume. What's a good time and number to chat?

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Sure. I am available now if you are. Kindly share your email to share my resume and contact details.

Thank you.


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Alternatively, you can find me on my LinkedIn Profile:

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I would like to Apply

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Yes. If you are free right now, I am too. Please send me your email so I can send you my résumé, space bar clicker and contact information.

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