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Hello everyone.  I am new to the Jamf community. I've recently passed the Jamf 100 exam and am currently looking to begin a career and grow. I am eager to learn. Will you please let me know where to start looking for a career with Jamf 100?

Thank You!


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@waltleon The Job Board forum is a great place to start looking for job openings and research the requirements for these roles. You can also view fellow community members' LinkedIn profiles via their Jamf Nation Community profile page. Good luck, and congratulations on your recent certification!


Thank you very much. I will be doing this. All info is helpful. I truly appreciate you 

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@waltleon, feel free to reach out if you ever need anything! You can also find myself and @CalleyO on MacAdmins slack in many channels, but the best one IMHO is the #Jamf-heroes channel.