Prudential is looking for a Senior Mac Engineer

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As a Senior Infrastructure Developer in Workforce Technology, you will partner with product owners, tech leads, designers, software engineers and delivery professionals to enhance the management of MacOS client devices within our corporate environment. You will develop software and automated solutions to manage the lifecycle of infrastructure services. You will accelerate our application development to solve business problems, deploy innovative products, services, and experiences to delight our customers. In addition to your applied technical experience, you will bring problem solving, communication and collaboration skills, along with agile ways of working, strong business acumen, an inclusive leadership mindset and a continuous learning focus to all that you do.


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Is this a remote position? 

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This position is not fully remote. Office is located in Newark, NJ. 

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A position being remote or not massively impacts if candidates will even consider that position now. Though I really do appreciate how the salary is listed.