Escrow Buddy with Elliot Jordan | LaunchPad - the Jamf Admin Meetup

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Hey there, MacAdmins! We've got something exciting coming up for you at the LaunchPad | The Jamf Admin Meetup on Jan 5th at Noon MST. And guess what?

@elliotjordan will be discussing Escrow Buddy, a fantastic new open-source tool specifically designed for Mac IT and security admins like yourself. It's all about securely generating recovery keys for Macs without valid keys in escrow, providing a much-needed solution that's modern and scalable.

Ever wondered why those FileVault recovery keys go missing from your MDM? Or maybe you're tired of dealing with the limitations of existing password workflows? Well, Escrow Buddy has got your back! It's here to solve all those pesky issues for you.

We wouldn't want you to miss out on this opportunity, so make sure to register right away! Just head over to

Join the conversation with fellow MacAdmins and let's make the most of this amazing event!

Looking forward to seeing ya'll there!

- Caleb Graceheart