Patch Management with Jamf App Installers - What We've Learned | LaunchPad Meetup

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Hey Jamf Admins,

Join us Friday, March 3rd at 12pm Mountain Time for the next Launchpad Jamf Admit Meetup! Registration Here

For the last six months, we’ve migrated from using installation scripts and AutPkg to using Jamf’s built in App Installers to deploy software patches for thousands of Macs. Senior Jamf Engineer at Rocketman, Hugonaut, will give a full assessment of what worked well, what can be improved, and whether it can work for your environment.

Additionally, we are extremely excited to have special guests Bill Smith (Partner Program Manager) and Justin Clark (Director, Product Strategy) from Jamf join us to provide color commentary and Q&A during the presentation!

Hope to see you all there!

-The Rocketman Team