Shell Games -or- Why Jamf Admins Should Switch to Zsh - LaunchPad Meetup

New Contributor II

Join us this Friday February 3rd for LaunchPad - The monthly Jamf Admin Meetup!


In addition to the Gravity Times, where we bring Apple/Jamf updates, news and rumors down to earth, our illustrious and knowledgeable Dev Ops Engineer, Chad Lawson, will be presenting Shell Games -or- Why Jamf Admins Should Switch to Zsh.

Beginning with Catalina (10.15), Apple changed the default login shell from Bash to Zsh. Many admins, ourselves included, have been slow to move to this new shell. Why should we? It turns out there are few advantages to Zsh over Bash. In this session we’ll show off a few ways we’ve been able to leverage Zsh to write better scripts, and even regain some of what we lost when Python went away.

Hope to see you there!