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Community Manager

Over the years, you, our Jamf Nation members, have given us feedback around how we could improve your community experience. And for that, we’re so grateful! It led to the remodeling of this very community last summer and allowed us to create more meaningful spaces for you to connect and learn from each other. But you want more, and we want to give you more! You (singly and collectively) communicated that you want a space within Jamf Nation where you can share deeper, more detailed technical thoughts. You want to hear more creative and common ways to use Apple and Jamf to achieve success in your environments. You want a technical blog space to share these ideas and workflows. Well, folks, we’re happy to announce we heard you, and we’re making it happen!

We’re excited to introduce Tech Thoughts, a technical blog that’s dedicated to serving as a space where Jamfs and Jamf Nation members alike can share their expertise on important, time-sensitive technical topics. You are all a wealth of knowledge, and we want to help you share it in a bigger, better way. That’s why starting today you’ll see this space populate with content from Jamf experts and community members who have valuable thoughts to share. 

Please note that while many of the articles will be from Jamf product experts, and can be considered a source of Jamf-certified content, the space will also contain articles from you, our Jamf Nation members. Jamfs won’t vet these articles, so please consider them the same as other member-submitted content within the community. 

As we further develop this space, we’ll work to publish new content on a routine basis, from both Jamf and our Jamf Nation members. If you have content you’d like to contribute, please fill out this form to submit your blog. We can’t wait to see what tips, tricks and general Apple-management ideas you have to share! And we look forward to highlighting your expertise time and time again! Thank you in advance for your contributions! 

With excitement and gratitude,

Jamf’s Community Team ( @JeniA@CalleyO, @LysetteB, @phoebes & @JustinV ) 

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Spot On Jeni and the Team..Very well Articulated!!

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Awesome Work Jeni and Team. @JeniA@CalleyO, @LysetteB, @phoebes & @JustinV

Community Manager
Community Manager

And in case you missed it, we were also excited to announce this new space on our Marketing blog. You can see that post at: Thanks to everyone who will continue to make Tech Thoughts an awesome new Jamf Nation Resource! 

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Awesome! Looking forward to reading them!


This is great! Excited to see what everyone has to share ☺️

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I'm a technology evangelist with strong skills centred around Microsoft products and a passionate geek with big ideas to sell. Like many other people you know or have spoken to, I started out supporting users and answering telephones, I learnt a great deal, a little about technology (that people didn't like) but a lot about people - what makes them tick! These days much of my time is spent exploring ways of delighting users, going that extra mile to negate them needing to pick up the phone. Implementing technology that works with people is my love "Hey Mike, that device you gave me - it's changed my life!" that's what brings me smiles. Over the past few years I've spent pondering the work of IT and the shift to cloud, would I lose my job and need to do something more honest with my life? The answer of course was a resounding "nope!", cloud computing has reinvigorated a grey monosyllabic word in to a vibrant oil painting! No longer do we have to continue to follow processes written in hieroglyphics and continue to tread the same path of the last 15-20 years - we have options, lots and lots of options. So, from me you'd get a dynamic modern view of the world, I'd want to offer fresh ideas, challenge the traditions and bring about positive change that will delight your end users and save your business money along the way! Specialties: Microsoft Cloud, Office 365 , Enterprise Mobility Suite, MDM (InTune, Airwatch), BYOD,Windows 7, JAMF Cloud,Service Management..