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Hello, Jamf Nation!

The Jamf ID update is now complete. Your name, email, phone number, language and email opt-out status have been migrated. Please reset your Jamf ID password and re-enroll in Multi-factor Authentication (MFA), if applicable. Your time zone will be set automatically to the browser time zone when logging in for the first time with your new password.   


Action Required: Reset Your Password

Please reset your password by following these simple steps:

  1. Visit Jamf Account: Head over to

  2. Click on ‘Continue with Jamf ID’: This button will display if you've logged in recently.
  3. Enter your Email Address
  4. Click ‘Log in using Jamf ID’: This enables you to continue with your Jamf ID credentials, as opposed to utilizing SSO if it has been enabled for your organization. 
  5. Click on 'Reset Password': You'll find this option on the login page. Click on it to initiate the password reset process.

  6. Enter Your Email: Provide the email address associated with your account. You will receive an email with a link to reset your password.

  7. Create a New Password: Click on the link provided in the email and set a strong, unique password. Make sure to follow our password guidelines for added security.

  8. Log In and Explore: Once your password is reset, log in to your account as usual.

    Enroll in MFA: If you previously enabled MFA for Jamf ID, you must re-enroll; if not, you can also opt-in. In the ‘Profile’ section, go to the ‘Security’ tab and click the ‘Enable MFA’ button, which will direct you through the enrollment & verification process:

Update MFA Image.png


How Does it Benefit You?

Enhanced Security: Your security is our top priority and several new features are now available:

  • Multi-factor authentication (MFA) support via TOTP codes: If you previously enabled MFA for Jamf ID, you must re-enroll after this migration; if not, you can also opt-in via Jamf Account > Profile > Security!

  • Account lock-out: If too many failed login attempts have been attempted, your Jamf ID will be locked and an email will be sent alerting you of the suspicious activity and instructions on how to unlock your account.

  • Breached password protection: If your password has been exposed in a data breach, your Jamf ID will be locked and an email will be sent alerting you of the issue and instructions on how to unlock your account.

Need Help?

We highly encourage you to clear your browser’s cache if you have reset your password, yet cannot authenticate as expected. If you encounter any issues or have questions during the password reset process, our customer support team is ready to assist you.

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Release Candidate Programs Tester

Extra security is always a good thing BUT its very annoying when the session times out/logs out and then having to re-enter the password.

I could understand if after a day or 2 doing that but this is like 30mins to an hour