Announcing Jamf 100 Course 6.0

Community Manager
Community Manager

Jamf 100 was just updated to version 6.0! Learn more here about the updates below!


  • The Jamf 100 Course is the first of many offerings to increase your knowledge of Jamf products.

  • There are four sections in this course:

    • Section 1: Device Fundamentals

    • Section 2: Jamf Pro Setup and Infrastructure

    • Section 3: Jamf Pro Management

    • Section 4: Jamf Pro Policies and Scripts

  • Each section ends with a Section Review that includes a simulation that lets you apply what you've learned.

  • Each lesson in this course includes:

    • Goal: A statement or statements about the content in the lesson

    • Video: A short demonstration of the content in the lesson

    • Key Points: Brief descriptions of content covered within the video

    • Review: Comprehension questions to recap the lesson content

    • Practice: Exercises to apply the information from the lesson in a managed environment

    • Resources: Links to lesson-related content

  • The Jamf Pro Associate Exam is available for purchase at

    • Use the Practice Exam to prepare for the Jamf Pro Associate Exam.