Join Jamf to Help Ukrainian Refugees Seeking Shelter and Safety

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Please take a moment to learn about the impact Russia's invasion has made on the people of Ukraine and how you can help by making a donation through the Jamf Nation Global Foundation Community Portal.


The people of the Ukraine are dealing with the terrible consequences of a Russian invasion. There is damage to buildings and key infrastructure. There are shortages of food, water and other essential supplies. Millions are displaced. It is estimated that as many as 18 million Ukrainians need emergency assistance. Several countries that border Ukraine have declared a state of emergency.


More than 300,000 people have fled Ukraine into neighboring countries, a number that could climb into the millions. Most families leaving the Ukraine will do so with very little. They are facing an uncertain future and unimaginable challenges. Most of all, they need shelter and safety from the fighting. We can ensure that they have somewhere to sleep and something to eat.


It is a heartbreaking humanitarian disaster, but there are ways we can help. We can support organizations who are providing desperately needed shelter, food and medicine. Please consider making a donation today.

Your contribution will help:

  • US Association for UNHCR (UN Refugee Aency) deliver emergency aid to civilians in need.
  • UNICEF USA meet urgent and escalating needs for safe water, health care, nutrition and protection.
  • American National Red Cross repair vital infrastructure, support health facilities with medicines and equipment, and support families with food and hygiene items.