Upcoming changes to Jamf 300 and Jamf 400 Training Course prerequisites

Contributor III

Hello Jamf Nation,

We would like to provide advanced notice that for the Jamf 300 and Jamf 400 Courses beginning on or after 1st September 2023, we will no longer accept certifications earned on Version 9 of Jamf Pro, previously the Casper Suite, to be used as prerequisites for training course enrollment.


This applies to the Casper Certified Tech, Casper Certified Admin, and Casper Certified Expert certifications issued prior to the release of Jamf Pro version 10 in November 2017.


The Jamf 200 Course prerequisites remain unchanged, where we continue to strongly recommend students complete the free, online Jamf 100 Course before attending.


This change also does not affect the Jamf 370 Course, where we continue to accept any Version 10 issued certification as a prerequisite.


Since the release of Version 10, we have all experienced five major macOS releases and forty-four Jamf Pro version updates. Furthermore, key concepts such as Patch Management, Device Provisioning, Integrations, and App Deployment have dramatically changed within the product. 


For individuals attending, delivering, and designing a training course, having a very similar set of prerequisite knowledge and frame of reference is incredibly important for everyone’s success. We believe that continuing to accept version 9 certificates as prerequisites does not allow us to ensure that everyone is starting from the same base of knowledge.

We are so excited about the future of Jamf training and cannot wait to continue providing world-class certification courses to help you be successful managing and securing Apple at work. Take care!

-Jamf Training