What is your favorite JNUC memory?

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I'll start. My first and only in-person JNUC, a part of the Diversity group kept the night going after our hangout by hitting up The News Room, then starting a bit of bar-hopping until it was quite late. It was nice to settle in and talk with an even smaller group (much less intimidating for my introverted self. Even found out someone from far out of my area had a favorite restaurant in my city that I had never been to despite living there for over 20 years (city of maybe 90k). A few of us kept in Twitter contact after, but I will never forget the words of advice one of the ladies gave. "You are a queen, now go home and rule your kingdom!"

We've done the impossible, and that makes us mighty.


1. Playing Kubb next to the Guthrie

2. I ended up being featured in the 2015 Video, What is the JNUC all about - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T70xP4-zo7I&list=PLlxHm_Px-Ie2H5YVmC9rYyJFcknaGe-eP&index=32

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This is so cool. 

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I remember walking to and then into the Guthrie, riding the escalator which seem to never end into the world of JNUC. It was awesome even though the wifi at the Guthrie and even at the hotel was so slow (please make sure to bring a hotspot for backup). I learned so much and then the last day at happy hour was great, everyone was so friendly and willing to assist with any issues you may have or just share tricks. I was hooked and made it to everyone since...

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My fondest and silly memory, there were 2 actually. Receiving a nice new pair of Jamf socks from my account manager after we talked and then I took that silly 360-view photo at the Minnesota JNUC. oh, and it turned out I had a torn Achilles tendon at the time, LOL

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During my first JNUC, I was so nervous going as it was my first time being in person with folks I had read many blogs of or had seen here in the community and had been helping me out. I didn't know anyone right away that I could hang out with and whatnot, but that quickly changed when I met a couple of now life long, it seems, friends. We managed to chat/talk nearly every day about things we're working on and helping each other out while also now reaching out to folks we see that might be some wallflowers like some of us once were.  We try and meet up whenever we can at a Jnuc