2.18.0 Client Unable to Login with TenantID Added to Config Profile

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(EDIT: I neglected to note that we're using AAD authentication. This change is to comply with the deprecation of the ADAL and migrate our configs to use MSAL.)

Most of our Jamf Connect clients are version 2.6.0. We also have a small group of clients upgraded to version 2.18.0. These clients are using the same configs as the 2.6.0 clients. Everything seems to be working.

For testing with the 2.6.0 clients, I cloned the working config profiles, added the TenantID value in the two places it needs to be added, and everything seems good. 

For the 2.18.0 clients, I did the same thing. The menu bar client seems to be working fine in my limited testing, but when I try to log in with the 2.18.0 client, the "An error occurred. Contact your IT administrator" message pops up, and the web panel seems to spin forever. If I SSH into the test VM and stream the com.jamf.connect.login subprocess logs with the -debug option, this message appears around the same time that the "An error occurred" popup is displayed: 



2022-12-20 15:10:44.571 I  SecurityAgentHelper-x86_64[5434:123af] [com.jamf.connect.login:LoginUI] SignWebViewModel - auth state did change state to unsupported



I'm not sure where to go with this. The AAD Sign-in logs show my login as successful. A web search on this message doesn't come up with much.

Eventually, I want to redo our Jamf Connect setup from scratch -- there are a few things about this current config that I'd like to change -- but for now, I'm trying to get our clients migrated to using MSAL with as few config profile changes as possible. 

Any ideas about what the problem might be or how to better diagnose this? 

Thank you.