Advice with jamf connect configuration

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My company has decided to use jamf pro to manage the small set of Apple users. One of the goals is sync apple users passwords with AAD. Currently I am trying to configure jamf connect, while the basic configuration works, the jamf authentication and local account migration is very inconsistent from Mac to Mac. The configuration would has users login through an azure login window instead of the normal apple login window then creates a new account or connects the existing account. However either the local account I configured in jamf doesn't work (it freezes the mac) or the migration doesn't apply at all.

Have anyone had these issues? If so any advice? Or should I do basic setup with the jamf connect app to sync the passwords and avoid the migration issues.


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@peter887 I am not sure if you've had a chance to view this training video, but I found it extremely helpful.  Not sure if it will help, but give it a try:


Good luck.