Apparent local login prior to seeing Jamf Connect login window

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Hi Everyone. I'm running into an interesting issue (maybe?) with Jamf Connect and Ventura. I have my workflow setup and it is deploying correctly to my test machine. After initial login, the local and IdP account mapping/creation works and everything else seems fine. What's interesting is when I reboot my laptop: I get the local account login which accepts my IdP credentials, then it takes me to the Jamf Connect login screen where I have to sign into my IdP account twice (Once to log in and then second time to verify the password). It's like I have to unlock locally before Jamf Connect can take over. Has anyone run into this issue? I feel like I'm missing something simple...

I have my login agent delivered through the Jamf-provided pkg, not via config profile.
The laptop in question has Jamf Connect deployed via workflow, not PreStage Enrollment.


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Adding additional info: We are running Ventura and in the configuration there is a key to enable passthrough.

I enabled the passthrough and that took one of the logins away. But still have to "sign in" into the local side before reaching the Connect login prompt. Maybe some kind of launch daemon issue?

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I am having the same issue with our macs enrolled via user enrollment. Has anyone found a solution for this?


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Do you have Filevault enabled in your environment?

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As a busy Mac Admin, I feel the need to apologize for taking so long to respond. 

Yes, we do have Filevault enabled. 

Fun note, the issue persists through the beta upgrade to Sonoma.