Big Sur Upgrade and Jamf Connect 2.2.2 Install

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Is there a way to install Jamf Connect 2.2.2 upon completion of the Big Sur upgrade? For us, once the Big Sur upgrade is finished and returns to the login screen, Jamf Connect is not displayed. It's the regular macOS login screen. Should Jamf Connect 2.2.2 be installed before doing the Big Sur upgrade. We are also using the script.


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Not done the upgrade, we are doing a wipe and lod. But are your devices talking back to jamf after the upgrade? you could set it to install the application after upgrade and reactivate it with a policy running "sudo authchanger -reset -JamfConnect" post instal that should work in theory.

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Install Jamf Connect before the upgrade & scope the configuration profiles to Big Sur & Big Sur Only.

My Upgrade Process includes an API script that places the computer that is upgrading into a Static Group. That Static Group is also a part of the criteria of my macOS Big Sur Smart Group. Thus allowing, pre upgrade, that machine access to all the policies & configuration profiles scoped to Big Sur & excluded from anything else. I hope this helps.

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@Hugonaut Would you mind sharing the API script for placing the computer in the Static Group? We are doing the same as far as that goes, but we manually add them to the Static Group. Also, is the Jamf Connect install a separate policy for installing or is it included in your Big Sur upgrade policy? We really only want the Big Sur, to be upgraded computers, only getting JC 2.2.2 for Big Sur.