Configuration Profiles for Additional App Installers

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With the Jamfs App Installers there is an option to "Install supporting configuration profiles". Jamf note that its not possible to see or modify those configuration profiles, however is it documented what each supporting profile is doing?

For example if I want to deploy Microsoft Defender there are several profiles required is Jamf creating all of these? ie System extensions and full disk access?


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Well, why not try it and see?  You don't need to scope to any Macs or even enable it, but it would be interesting to see - esp with Defender as it has ~8 profiles that need to be built!

If you do it, report back - that's one I'm interested in...

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Regarding system extension, full disk access, etc, the answer is No. Jamf is deploying configuration profiles targeting the specific application for deployment/auto update purposes, nothing else.


You still need to create the configuration profiles for apps & whatever permission sets / config profile payloads necessary for management.


"When distributing and updating apps with App Installers, supporting configuration profiles are required to disable built-in auto-updates for some software titles. To give Jamf Pro administrators more control over App Installers deployments, Jamf Pro includes the option to deploy these supporting configuration profiles automatically, or to create them manually. "



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