Configuration Profiles not pushing to MacBooks

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I’m having a strange issue that started within the last week or so. Some laptops are not receiving some configuration profiles. Two profiles in particular, and not every laptop is affected. One is for Jamf Connect. It’s an uploaded profile straight from the Jamf Connect Configuration app. The other is for the Root3 support app.

I have tried different versions of each profile, one using the built in Jamf Connect schemas one with the upload. I have tried the same with the Root3 app, one using their json schema and one with the plist.

Neither will push down to some devices. Hardware doesn’t make a difference, and neither does os. It’s happening on Monterey and Big Sur, and intel or Apple processors.

I am at a loss. Logs for both say failed on the device inventory page and pending on the profile pages.

We’re on Jamf Pro Cloud.

Anyone else having issues?


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Not sure if this is related....but are the affected devices showing inventory updates? Or are they not doing a recon either?

We are seeing an issue (looks like a PI) where the software update service locks up and causes the machine to not complete inventory updates which also seems to affect config profiles.  Either a reboot or forcing the service to halt seems to correct it for a bit, but i think its an issue with MacOS prior to 12.


"PI109755 When a computer software update hangs and Collect available software updates is selected in the Computer Inventory Collection settings, the computer also hangs."

"1.Disable the option for "Collect available software updates" in inventory collection.
2. Restart the Mac, or kill all instances of the "softwareupdate" binary.
3. With the binary being hung, this can be difficult to do as it either requires asking the user to take an action, or a different trigger to kill "softwareupdate". I've put a policy in Self Service and on Network state change that is helping some of my customers get the Macs to report back in."


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