Connect Login window not prompting for MFA

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We use Connect with Okta as our IDP and MFA is required for all accounts in Okta. Intermittently, on some devices, after a user enters their username and password the Connect login window will loop back to the username and password screen without prompting for MFA and the user is not allowed to log in. Digging into the Okta logs I can see that the users are entering their credentials correctly and Okta is waiting for a successful MFA response to allow the login. Has anyone else seen this in their environment and if so were you able to remediate it? 

More Details: 
We have seen this on devices running Jamf Connect 2.14 as well as 2.16 and macOS versions 12.6 and 11.7


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I've noticed this too in our environment. 

Did you find a solution?

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Our setup used to work till about September, then we started noticing that was not prompting the users for MFA (Okta Verify), although our users are able to login, for compliance policies we need to have MFA functioning. I am sure nothing was change in our environment OKTA or JAMF Connect wise so not sure why it stopped working out of the blue. when this stopped we were using Jamf Connect 2.11.0.

I tried figuring out the issue with JAMF support, but they did not know much and advised to open a case with OKTA which I haven't done yet.