How can I auto enrollment Intune with Jamf Connect

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We using Jamf Connect with AzureAD to manage login user.
When an onboarding, employee must have to access to company portal app that to enrollment in Intune by manual with a few clicks and login.
The step fail sometimes and needs login a few times, We always said that 'please retry', but this is not smart support.
How can I automate this step?
I want to provide zero touch deployment.

User management: AzureAD
User & Password sync, Login: Jamf Connect
macOS version: Monterey
Deploy Tool: Jamf Pro only. but If we could resolve this issue, we want to try its solution like the Depnotiy script.


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@user-qeSIfmqVZs I wanted the same ability and raised this as a feature request for Jamf Connect last year; please upvote this idea.
The more momentum it gets, the more chance it has of getting added to a future version

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Thank you for your comment.
That’s what I thought.
I upvoted the feature request!


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Voted as well! Commenting for bump in this topic also .