Issue with unenrollment

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We have a handful devices that are not communicating with our JAMF server. They are showing with the prefix DEP- and Unsupported OS. All devices are MBP running macos13. The management tab when selecting the device just spins and never loads.

Also tried running sudo jamf removeFramework to remove the profiles on the device itself to no avail.

Not sure what my options are currently. A coworker recommended reformatting but not exactly something i'd like to have to do with 10 devs.


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Honored Contributor II

Typically when a device shows up in Jamf Pro like that it means the device did not complete enrollment or complete getting the binary. I would start with one machine and try using `sudo profiles renew -type enrollment` to re-enroll. If that doesn’t work I’d just manually enroll using the enroll URL.