Jamf Connect 2.0.0 Menu Bar app not launching on sign-in

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Is it expected that the Menu bar app (previously known as Jamf Connect Verify) isnt launched at sign-in of a user?

This was added somewhere in a 1.x.x release, with the release of 2.0.0 it seems to be removed again.

The package includes a JamfConnectLaunchAgent.pkg, but there is no info in the admin guide on how to use it.


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I saw it somewhere in the release notes or documentation as I was reviewing yesterday. You will need to run the JamfConnectLaunchAgent.pkg to create the Launch Agent so the new Jamf Connect App will run automatically.

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@RBlount Do you know where you found that?
Will try to run it during enrolment as an enrollment package

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So that actually works.
Adding both the JamfConnect.pkg and the JamfConnectLaunchAgent.pkg to the PreStage worked.

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May I please ask where you found the JamfConnectLaunchAgent.pkg? I cannot seem to find it anywhere.

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The JamfConnectLaunchAgent.pkg is included on the Jamf Connect downloaded DMG.


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Thank you stranger!

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Anyone having any issues with the "Get help" function in the Jamf Connect menu bar? Configured and set URL to our ticketing system but when clicked, it opens to Apple Support.

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It's working for me, I discovered if your manually building profiles then all the keys in each sub group have to be same profile or the conflict/last one loaded is the only one that works


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I have notices there is an issue with the jamf.connect.login.plist that will cause the jamf connect menu bar app to not launch after login.

In my testing I found that having the setting CreateAdminUser=True in the jamf.connect.login.plist will cause jamf connect menu bar app to not launch at all. Not sure why that plist affects the menu bar app considering it has its own Plist (jamf.connect.plist) I have also noticed that having the setting to Link Local accounts to network accounts in the jamf.connect.login.plist will also cause this issue.

In our environment we had the setting CreateAdminUser=True to complete the DEP process and initial user creation. This might be the same for your setup as well. Check for the the setting CreateAdminUser in your jamf.connect.login.plist. If it say True reupload a plist with the setting set to False then restart the computer and Jamf Connect Menu Bar App should open.

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This means that the Jamf Connect 2.0.0 package installs the following Licenses: The Jamf Connect menu bar app will now check both the When installed on computers, the launch agent will ensure that Jamf Connect remains open. And last but not least, the design of the Login Window also changed.



Has anyone had luck getting the Jamf Connect App to Launch after a migration from 1.x to 2.x Launch agent installs but I do not want to force a reboot to get the app to launch onto the menu bar.

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@wmateo I have a pre-install script that kills the Jamf Connect 1.x (verify) app, and then 2.0 should launch automatically as long as you include the JamfConnectLaunchAgent.pkg that others have also mentioned previously in this thread.

Here is my script for killing Jamf Connect 1.x before the 2.0 install. Just recycled another script, so it may not be the best, but seems to work fine for our purposes.


# Set the variables
procList=("Jamf Connect")

#Check to see if either of those processes are running
for proc in "${procList[@]}"; do
    runningProc=$(ps axc | grep -i "$proc" | awk '{print $1}')
    if [[ $runningProc ]]; then
        echo "$proc is running with PID: ${runningProc}"
        procName=$"$procName $proc"
        kill $runningProc
         echo "$proc not running"

Hi kburns. Thanks for this script. This could be useful in my situation.

During Pre-Stage enrolment, jamfConnect installs fine except the Menu Bar App window pops up to soon asking for the username/password from the identity provider before the local user account has been created. This is jarring for users as they have to click cancel and complete their standard account creation process via jamfConnect first.   I was wondering if you think your script might prevent this or if there is another way to ensure that Menu Bar App window doesn't appear until after first login.