Jamf Connect 2.17 Login Window Background Doesn't Scale

Contributor III

I've been testing Jamf Connect with a custom background on everything from an 11-inch MacBook Air to a 27-inch iMac, and one thing I've noticed is that the image isn't scaling correctly on all screen sizes.  Significant chunks are being cut off on laptops, which is making it effectively impossible for me to find a background that works and doesn't chop our branding in half.  I couldn't find anyone else reporting this, but it seems like this has to be a bug.

Is this bad scaling expected behavior?  If so, what is the work around the community recommends?

Alternatively, is there some undocumented setting for the Jamf Connect login window that sets the background to fit the screen?


New Contributor III

I've experienced the same and when I experiment with re-sizing the photo, I sometimes get a gray background and my photo doesn't even appear. I'd love to know an answer to this also!