Jamf connect 2.19.0 deployment help

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I would request someone from the community to help deploy Jamf connect 2.19 via Jamf policy step by step as I am new to wide deployment configuration.



Its unfortunate nobody replied to you. Do you guys already have Jamf Connect Configuration profiles and Policies in your tenant? If so what version?


or are you looking to integrate it to your organization? 

Hi @TheITGuy69 : Thanks for replying. We already have Jamf connect 2.8 in our organisation and there is request to setup the latest version 2.19. Being new to Jamf would really appreciate if someone can help me with the workflow.

Thanks in advance!

How I do it is, We have an Ext attribute collecting the version of Jamf connect installed on devices, then created a smart group(s) for each version for scoping policies and configuration profiles. 

Download the new JC installer dmg and pull out the .pkg and upload it to packages. 

Clone the existing JC installer , change out the package version, unscope the new policy and only put in your test devices for now , when you go live you will select the old version of Jamf connect smart group you want the new one applied to. If you also have other automation for that old version like for prestage enrollment you will want to change to the new version.  and anywhere else it might be configured. 


For the configuration profile , clone the existing one for jamf connect (and if you dont already have them named by version, you may want to add that), unscope everything and only add your test devices when its ready to test. Make your changes to the new CP and then scope it to your test devices. If there are no changes to the CP then you can just install the new version via policy. 

We scope our version of CP to the version of JC installed. and we have exclusions for the other version so they dont interfere. 

Hope this makes sense. 

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I have similar question related to Jamf Connect. Currently I am using Jamf Connect 2.17 package and Configuration profile. Looking for upgrade to Jamf Connect 2.19. 

If I create and deploy new policy of Jamf Connect 2.19 and new Configuration profile of Jamf Connect 2.19, will there be any impact to existing devices?

When scoped correctly, I have not seen any issues when upgrading versions of Jamf Connect. Its usually transparent to the user. 

May I know how you setup Jamf connect 2.17. That would really help me get an idea on how I can setup one in my organisation. 

Hi Vinesh,

- Downloaded jamf connect 2.17 package and launcher from id.jamf.com.


- Uploaded PKG in jamf pro and pushed it via policy

- Created jamf connect 2.17 configuration profile - Application payload

Hope this high level process helps






@Lokeshm Can you elaborate just configuration profile settings. Im assuming you used the Jamf connect configuration app to create the the profiles.

@vineshkumar9689 No, I am using Jamf Pro Configuration Profile - Payload (Applications & Custom Settings - Jamf Applications). As in my case it is Azure Cloud Identity, configured below settings - 

Jamf Application domain - com.jamf.connect

Version - 2.17

Variant - Jamf Connect.json

Identity Provider - Azure

Client ID (Password Verification) - XXXX

Tenant ID - XXXX

License File - XXXX

<Any other settings that you would like to use like Show welcome window, Alternate Branding, Hide Menu settings etc.>


Hope it helps


Hey @vineshkumar9689 thanks for reaching out, 

Passing along some documentation on Jamf Connect 2.19 Configuration

You can also request workflow based information from our Customer Success team which you can contact at: success@jamf.com 

- Justin

@JustinV : Thanks for the reply. Would reach out to the team for workflow.