Jamf Connect 2.x Extension Attributes with Azure AD

New Contributor

I am wondering is there a way to get user attributes like Department, position, userEmail, MobileNumber etc, when Jamf Connect Login gets a SAML auth token from azure AD during first login.
The JAMF Connect State Settings and User Status has these extension attributes listed on the page https://docs.jamf.com/jamf-connect/2.2.1/administrator-guide/State_Settings_and_User_Status.html#:~:text=Jamf%20Connect%20Extension%20Attributes,Connect%20state%20settings%20on%20computers , but i am not sure if they work with Azure AD. When we try to run defaults read com.jamf.connect.state, it only shows the DisplayName and LastSignIn Attributes. The end goal is to use this information with Jamf Recon and populate the user information, after enrolment and use the data as variables in scripts or configuration profiles.