JAMF Connect -Converting Local Accounts to Network Accounts

New Contributor


We are currently in the process of utilizing Zero Touch Deployment for JAMF Pro and also need to deploy JAMF connect but are having some issue on the EntraID side for verification. I am thinking of going ahead and deploying enrollment and utilizing a local account on the computers while I continue to test/troubleshoot Jamf connect and installing at a later date through a policy. 

If I was to do this, and when ready to deploy connect enable the "convert local account to network account", would the users documents/programs/setting etc. remain in the converted account or will it delete them? 

I ask as we have to have a 3rd party install a proprietary program onto each of the computers prior to giving them out to employees and I don't believe JAMF connect would be set up in time for our appointment.

I appreciate any insight!