Jamf Connect creating separate account


Hello All

We are seeing an issue where a new account is being created after users update versions but only on our old prestage machines. The workaround to migrate the firstlast data to the first.last account is this from apple 


Background Info:

We have three prestages setup. The issue is occuring in Prestage 1 that was setup before I joined, they were using the local username scheme as firstlast and allowed local login (not forcing to authenticate with JC everytime). Once i came in I changed those attributes being pulled from our directory to first.last as the company requested so things are more uniform.

Prestage 1 does not force JC login (didnt want to change the users login experience), it just shows local login so users have been using that. Seems the version upgrade makes JC show up at login and also creates another account with first.last. Users select local login and can use the firstlast username and password (no 2FA) and continue working and since JC doesnt show for them they dont really have to deal with it.


The two prestages I setup already use the first.last scheme and I have a policy assigned to these that forces JC at login, so users always see the Jamf Connect screen and accept 2FA before confirming password and logging into accounts as first.last (they are good to go)


Basically id like to get everyone on the first.last scheme but im wondering what I can do via script or other method to fix the current local user and migrate it to the first.last account so all users can login using first.last but also have the data from firstlast account if they wanted it.



Not sure but im going to test with this as a seperate config or policy and push it to machines with the old username