Jamf Connect Implementation

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Seeking some with Jamf Connect Implementation,

We have purchased Jamf Connect after a month or so of testing and even now there still appears to be issues. Initially the ability to change passwords within the Jamf Connect Application was working, and now all of sudden it has stopped with no change to the configuration received by a Jamf Engineer. The workaround implemented that we received, gave an expanded window from the Menu Bar when you selected change passwords. 

Now Reset Password remains

Change Password reflects "Actions"

But the "Click here to change password." window remains.Screenshot 2023-04-26 at 1.03.17 PM.png

To make matters worse MFA is working sometimes and sometimes it is not. 

Any help anyone could suggest here would be great. 


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@ji , without knowing how things are actually setup in your Org, it looks and smells to me as if there is a conflicting PLIST configuration going on.  Meaning, 2 settings or profiles are being applied (it seems) to machines with different configurations.  I would first start by examining what is scoped to the devices and rule that out first.  (If it were me..)

Good luck.