Jamf Connect Issues

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All, I have had 2 issues deploying Connect to test machines in my pilot group. First one it seems to ignore the custom trigger point and just runs anyways. I have nothing selected for triggers. The second and the biggest one is after the user loges off after the install it does not take any local password which is causing major issues. I have had only 2 successful tests and that was on my kickstart meeting.


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I'm testing version 2.3.1 here on an M1 MacBook Air deployed via Automated Device Enrolment. Connection is via Azure iDP and running macOS 11.2.3. It's taking the local login fine. I've tested it by disconnecting ethernet dongle and turning wi-fi both on and off while not connected to any SSID network. Username should be first part of email address (for me) before the @ symbol.

So, username example is j.smith and then the password which should be the same as the Azure account password.
I can't help you with the custom triggers as I'm currently only testing it via ADE and for me it is working.