Jamf Connect Login - Google Allow Access Screen?

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I have been working with the trial of Jamf Connect Login, looking to implement for next school year. Right now everything looks like it is working correctly using our Google GSuite OAuth as the authentication source. The only "issue" I have is that every login, I have to click to Allow access to the Google account. For any other system that I allow access when logging in with Google, that Allow is remembered and I don't need to accept it repeatedly.

Is there some setting within Jamf Connect, or Google OAuth, or Google GSuite that will control this Allow setting? Or does this come up purely because I am using the Trial?



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Bumped into the same issue, have you managed to fix it ?

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No, we are still looking to see whether there is any way to get this login process to remember the "Allow" state for the account. We have moved from the trial version to fully licensed for Jamf Connect, but that didn't change this issue. It is not critical. Just a "quality of life" annoyance.

Thankfully, everything else is working well with transitioning to Jamf Connect Login.

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I now see that there is a Feature Request in to implement Google's mechanism to eliminate this behavior:

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i up-voted the feature request