Jamf Connect Login Screen Timeout?

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Hello all,


I am noticing that after a Mac is sitting on a Jamf Connect Login screen after a restart for an unknown amount of time, when someone attempts to login, they get an error with a message to contact their administrator.  If the user clicks "Refresh" they are then able to log in.


My best guess as to what is happening is that the login website window is that is called up when a Mac restarts is timing out after a certain amount of time, and clicking restart loads it again and makes it active again. 


I've had to add a note to the login screen background for the user to click "Refresh" if they get an error.


If my guess as to the cause is correct, then some type of automate refresh might be a solution.


Has anyone run into this and come up with any other solution?


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We've got this exact same problem too (Jamf Connect 2.15 / macOS 12.6 / Azure)

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I may have to just go ahead and open a support ticket with Jamf about this issue. Will update thread if I do.

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We also have this issue in our always-on mac labs. please update us if you get a positive response from support.