Jamf Connect macOS 14.2 Upgrade Requirement


Due to an unexpected issue (PI115107) with the upcoming release of macOS 14.2, all customers must update to Jamf Connect version 2.29.0. For Mac computers with macOS 14.2 or later and a version of Jamf Connect earlier than 2.29.0, all users who start up, restart, or logout of their computer will encounter a black screen and be unable to continue using their computer. As long as the affected computers are connected to a network, policies can install the updated version of Jamf Connect and successfully restart the computer.

To access new versions of Jamf Connect, log in to Jamf Account with your Jamf ID. The latest version is located in the Products section under Jamf Connect. For instructions on how to upgrade, see the Jamf Connect Documentation.

Reach out to our support team for assistance if you have questions.

Thank you,
The Jamf Connect team


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How can we upgrade JAMF connect from version 2.24.0 to the latest? We have about 1000 folks who are affected by this issue.

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We had a Jamf Connect Onboard session for the admins the other week..
Email notification from Apple Seed hit my inbox just before it started (right when I was updating the test machines :D ) with patch notes, resolving this issue in beta.
Unreal timing! Ah well, great to hear it's been patched so quickly on both sides of the fence.

Nice work!

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Jamf Connect is now part of Mac Apps, you can set it up to install updates automatically. 

  • Jamf Pro
    • Computers
    • Mac Apps
    • Jamf Apps
    • Jamf Connect
    • Scope to a Smart Group
    • Distribution Method: Install Automatically

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Oh thanks but no, there wasn't any update that day for that to be effective.
Apple had only just referenced a resolution in the beta (next dot point release) that day.
Jamf had yet to acknowledged the bug.

We literally were in an interactive session with Jamf partners.

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Yes, but it you were using Jamf Connect updates via Jamf Pro (Mac Apps) you would have already been updated to Jamf Connect 2.29 and would have been able to avoid the conflict. There resolution came out after the fact, but you would have been able to avoid the issue if you were already upgraded to Jamf Connect 2.29.


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Maybe we should of been in the session with you! Thank you, we were using 2.29 via hosted https pkg as instructed by the instructor for our Okta instance that day.

Previously I had used config profiles for my Azure AD instance.
Why would Apple patch something that Jamf had already (as you say) avoided the conflict?


One of us is missing something here I think. I appreciate your reply