Jamf Connect - Okta WebAuthn

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Hey all!

We're working on deploying Jamf Connect for our org. In parallel, our security team is working on moving all our MFA for our Okta environment over to WebAuthn with the option of either biometrics or a Yubikey to fulfill it. Does anyone know if Jamf Connect can support WebAuthn methods (or as a bonus, a future state of passwordless with WebAuthn as the only authentication factor)? I've not found any documentation on it, so I'm not hopeful, but wondering if anyone has any experience with this.




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Were you ever able to find a solve for this?

Got a reply back from our account rep that the Jamf Connect engineering team "recognizes this as a currently desired feature but doesn't have it roadmapped for development at this time." We're going to end up testing a per-app policy for Jamf Connect in Okta that would exclude it from WebAuth requirements but the Jamf Connect documentation currently discourages per-app policies.

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This is definitely something we would want to implement too and I find it really surprising, and a bit weird, that webauthn doesn't work with JAMF Connect and that it isn't on their roadmap to implement. More and more companies will want to implement phishing resistant MFA policies and so this should be something high up on their roadmap