Jamf Connect Password Out-of-Sync Notification not working

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we've working with previous versions of Jamf Connect and 2.6.0 - right now we still have the problem, that the password notification ist not popping up. We are using Azure AD 365 - the login works fine with M365 but when the user changes the local or M365 password Jamf Connect does not notify the user within the default 15 min timeframe.

Does anybody experience the same or do have a proper solution?


Thank you.

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Following this thread as well. We do get prompted but sometimes it seems that it is longer than the specified check-in interval.

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I also contacted Jamf Pro Support - but since 11. Nov. 2021 - I do not get any response! They just told me this: "I will now escalate this case to a specialist for further troubleshooting, a member of our team should reach out shortly with the next steps."

Nothing happened yet.