Jamf Connect "Unable to load Identity Provider" splash screen - Can this be customised?

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Offline devices using Jamf Connect receive an unsightly error screen if their laptop is offline.
"Unable to load Identity Provider" "The identity provider for your system is unable to be contacted. Check network settings or contact technical support"

Technically this screen could be customisable like we do using the Logo String, as offline laptops are to be expected it would be nicer to either auto-direct tot he local auth screen if it has been detected or customise this page to something more pleasant i.e include a company logo.

Wondering if this can be done or if we can generate some interest to get this feature request added.


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This is a feature that is being discussed currently. If you could, could you open a Feature Request for Jamf Connect at the below link?


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Thanks for your response - I have added a feature request https://www.jamf.com/jamf-nation/feature-requests/8444/unable-to-load-identity-provider-re-direct-to-local-auth-or-custom-screen / hopefully we can gain some traction on this.