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I'm having an issue in testing Jamf Connect. I cannot find any documentation on the removal of both the login and verify components of the connect installation. Am I missing something?


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@rpayne To my knowledge, and per an escalation to Jamf Support, there is no official documentation around uninstalling Jamf Connect. In fact, information was provided to Jamf Support as to the observed "proper" method of uninstalling Jamf Connect components, with particular attention to /usr/local/bin/authchanger as it relates to Jamf Connect Login.

Caption of support case:

Please be advised that as /usr/local/bin/authchanger is part of the Jamf Connect Login package, and is not included on macOS by default, if the Jamf Connect Login package is "uninstalled" per indexing and a policy without first following the procedure relating to "Disabling and Re-enabling Azure loginwindow", the default macOS loginwindow will not load and the Jamf Connect Login package or the authchanger package will need to be reinstalled so that this task may be performed.

Reset loginwindow per authchanger -reset
Unscope Configuration Profile -or- remove /Library/Preferences/com.jamf.connect.login.plist
Uninstall/remove package payload items:

As feedback from a customer perspective, it would be helpful if this "uninstall" procedure was documented somewhere, either in the Jamf Connect Login Administrator's Guide, or a separate KB document.

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We will look into getting better documentation added for removal in a future release. Thank you for the feedback

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@david.engum Suggest that this be part of your standard delivery for documentation. We shouldn't have to ask for this.

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just a suggestion @david.engum , include an uninstall script in the package.

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Hi @david.engum , I'm wondering if the doc discussed here was ever created? I need to remove jamf connect from several computers after our previous admin left and unfortunately he left no documentation on this and I can't find anything here on Jamf discussions either.

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Documentation for uninstalling Jamf Connect can be found here: https://docs.jamf.com/jamf-connect/administrator-guide/Uninstalling_Jamf_Connect.html

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