Jamf Connect - using Google login - laptops require login before Connect window comes up

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We are just switching to Jamf Connect using Google logins.  As we are testing we are having our laptops require a login (not Jamf Connect) and then instead of a normal login, the laptop then shows the Jamf Connect / Google login.  At this point we can login using our Google login accounts as expected.

If we reboot or shut down the laptop, we have to do the initial login again (not Jamf Connnect), and it takes us to the Jamf Connect/Google login.

Any ideas?  Thanks - Tim


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This is your FileVault login.. More than likely you have FileVault enabled, so you would have to unlock the disk with your local FileVault credentials prior to getting the Jamf Connect login window.

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That makes perfect sense....Thanks for your quick response.

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@timlarson Here is an diagram that's shows how filevault comes into picture before the Jamf Connect login window.Screenshot 2023-06-29 at 6.59.16 AM.png