Onelogin | VLDAP + SSO for using password forwarding to Jamf Connect?



another question for configuring Onelogin for my testing hosting. 

Is it possible to configure VLDAP + SSO to forward the credentials to Jamf Connect via enrollment-customization -> "Enable Jamf Pro to pass user information to Jamf Connect Allow Jamf Pro to pass the Account Name and the Account Full Name to Jamf Connect"

On the one hand, I didn't find anything about it and I would like to have just one SignIn for the users by enrollment. On the second hand, I'm a little bit afraid to configure SSO if VLDAP is already activated to avoid issues for Jamf Pro hosting login. 

Unfortunately, I've another question about password sync? I also find no information if it's possible to reset/change/sync the password? Does anyone have an idea if that works?

thanks a lot